Linguana & YouTube multi-language audio (MLA): The perfect combination for your
localization strategy

YouTube's Multi-Language Audio feature allows creators to upload multiple audio tracks in different languages for a single video, enhancing accessibility and global reach. It’s an awesome feature, but it’s very time consuming and expensive for creators to create the audio tracks in all the languages. Here’s where Linguana steps in - when you work with us, we give you the audio files for free for you to use in MLA. Problem solved.

What is YouTube Multi-Language Audio (MLA)?

YouTube Multi-Language Audio (MLA) is a feature that allows creators to upload multiple audio tracks in different languages for a single video. This feature enhances the accessibility and reach of content by making it easier for viewers from various linguistic backgrounds to enjoy the same video in their preferred language.

Creating audio files for MLA is expensive and time consuming

MLA is a great way to make your content accessible to viewers around the world. But creating the audio files in different languages requires a lot of effort, time, and expense. This is what creators need to do:

Create or Source the Translations: The original audio script needs to be translated into the desired languages by hiring professional translators and proofread.
Record the Audio in Each Language: Once the translations are ready, voice-over artists need to be hired to record the audio tracks in each language. This step requires careful synchronization with the video to ensure the audio matches the visual content.
Edit and Sync the Audio Tracks: Each recorded audio track needs to be edited for quality and timed precisely to sync with the video. This might involve adjusting the timing of certain sections to match the on-screen actions or dialogue.
Upload the Video with Multiple Audio Tracks: After editing, the creator uploads the video to YouTube. They then add each language track to the video using YouTube's video manager.
Test for Quality and Synchronization: Before making the video public, it’s important to test each audio track to ensure that the synchronization is correct.

Linguana makes YouTube's Multi-Language Audio effortless and free

Now imagine that someone else does all of the above for you! 

It really is as simple as that. When you work with Linguana, we provide you the translated, dubbed and synchronized audio files. All that’s left for you, is to upload them to your videos. We charge no fee for the audio files - effectively giving you something that would otherwise have taken you time and significant expense to create. 

It’s a double win for you. By working with Linguana you make localization of your videos effortless and scalable. And you get to enjoy additional monetization from the  revenues that are generated from all channels and affiliations that we distribute your content on.

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